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To ‘bury the myth’ that EVs don’t have the range or capabilities to become the integral part of a fleet’s DNA… That they don’t go very far… Are far too expensive… To run and to purchase… That the charging infrastructure isn’t in place!

The UK needs to show why it is leading the world in embracing the very latest in innovative practices. ‘E-Mobility’ and the decarbonisation of transport is seen as a key element to helping shift towards net zero and a cleaner future, and when it comes to EVs and infrastructure, the UK and Irish fleet sectors have a huge role to play.

The AtoZ EV Rally (EVR) will not only show what is possible in the future… It will show UK fleets that e-Mobility is here NOW!

EVR is a great opportunity for UK business and fleet suppliers to demonstrate to fleet and transport managers, the art of the possible. To local authority planning and highways departments, where attention is required to make e-mobility a reality. To estates and facilities professionals, what workplace and charging infrastructure is needed to electrify any fleet, large or small. 

Along the way we will showcase motorway and roadside charging… Charging Hubs… Destination Chargers… Electric Forecourts… And we will do it using cars, vans and trucks of varying shapes, sizes and capabilities. 

It is not a race… More a collective demonstration of what is possible. But at the same time, we will showcase the supporting services and solutions that make EV use a viable option for any UK fleet – breakdown, recovery, payments, telematics, tyres and even driver training. 

EV Rally
EV Rally


The EV Rally would not be possible without the kind support and expertise of our Official Partners. To ensure the efficient running of a 5-day, moving event needs additional expertise outside of the GREENFLEET event management experience. And once again we have been fortunate enough to secure the support from the following Official Partners:

Headline (Leasing & Banking): Lex Autolease are once again the lead sponsor on the Rally, and offer expertise in the leasing and financing of EVs for UK fleets.

Event Logistics: Maxus UK will provide the event logistics crews with electric vans to move around, positioning and re-rigging CP branding, etc.

Vehicle Provider: Europcar will provide ‘Team EV Rally’ with their cars to navigate the event. Driven by the senior management, together with the event’s Official Media Crews, expect to see us buzzing around from dawn ‘til dusk!

EV Charge Card: Paua are back for a third successive Rally, providing the Teams with an RFID card solution, giving drivers access to the largest EV charging networks in the UK. Range anxiety? Not a chance!

Technology: Webfleet return for their fourth Rally as the Technology partner. With telematics solutions fitted to some of the participating vehicles, we will have access to unique data, giving us insight into driver behaviour, including energy use, charging status and use and even driver safety.

Roadside Assistance: AA have been part of the Rally since the very beginning, offering that ‘safety blanket’ that should anything go wrong, the experts are on hand. So far, we have had no real issues to contend with in previous years, and we hope that trend continues!

Driver Training: Drivetech offer driver training to UK business and will provide the same expertise to the participating drivers, with eco- and safety-driving tips, on the morning of each day. 

Vehicle Livery: Stewart Signs Ltd provide a full design, application and decal & recycling service, using environmentally-friendly products, which will help all participating vehicles to stand out.

Checkpoint HostM-Sport will welcome the Rally to their new site (Dovenby – ‘Checkpoint D’) on Day 1, giving Teams access to their amazing track facility, while ‘recharging’ with refreshments

Checkpoint Host: PoGo Charge have recently opened an ultra-rapid mini-hub at the Galleries Retail Park in Washington. Its CP2 on Day 2 and showcases their market- leading technology, as part pf their roll-out of a state-of-the-art public charging network.

Checkpoint Host: Compleo will welcome participants to Tingley Garden Centre near leeds on day 2 of the EV Rally, a flagship site offering 56 Compleo charge points. Guests will be treated with refreshments, entertainment and course of course the oppurtunity to recharge their batteries! 

Checkpoint Host: Applegreen Electric which is part of the Irish headquartered Applegreen Group, hosts and operates universal access Electric Vehicle (EV) charging bays in locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. Its multinational EV charging network provides more than 1 million fast charging sessions to its customers annually. 

Checkpoint Host: AW Group are opening a new facility offering high-powered EV charging, large bays capable of accommodating trucks and buses and all powered by the UK’s largest on-land wind turbine. We will swing by ‘Checkpoint T – Turbine’ on Day 4.

Checkpoint Host: Fastned have a rapidly expanding network of ultra - rapid hubs across the UK, featuring their now iconic canopies and market-leading technology. Their chargers at Superhub Oxford are the destination as CP4, on day 4 

Checkpoint Host: Rhug Organic Estate is one of the jewels of north Wales. The 12,500-acre Estate is owned by Lord Robert Newborough, a champion of sustainability, and was one of the first providers of EV charging points in the area, boasting 8 x ultra-rapid Instavolt chargers.

Digital Media: The EV Café are a leading voice in the EV space and have been an integral part of the Rally since its launch in 2021, as drivers. Expanding upon the expertise they have, we are delighted they will be with us, helping push the narrative to an ever-expanding audience

Digital Media: Transport + Energy joined the Rally for the first time in 2023 and are back to help connect the EV and energy narrative together.