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Team Women Drive Electric

Women Drive Electric

Powered by an ambition to connect female consumers with the automotive industry, Women Drive Electric has created a real-world community, connecting experienced female EV drivers and experts with women searching for answers and inspiration as part of the transition to electric vehicles.
Female founders, George Thurman and Michelle Breffitt are passionate about encouraging women to ‘talk cars with confidence’. Believing that by providing a safe space for women to share their EV driving experiences they can generate higher valued opinions and more useful peer-recommendations for women looking to make the switch. In addition, by celebrating women working in the EV tech or automotive industry and shining a light on women who write car reviews or create EV content, Women Drive Electric can signpost its members to straight-talking information and resources acknowledging there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to car usage for women. 
With the large-scale transition of fleets to a more sustainable mode of transport, the real end user- the actual driver is often left out. Women Drive Electric are there to help and support in a relatable, friendly and uncomplicated way. As #88 in GREENFLEET’s 100 most influential of 2024 - George is keen to chat to Fleet operators in the Rally about solutions and methods to engage and support their female colleagues steer their own journey to an Electric life.