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Team National Grid Electricity Distribution

National Grid

National Grid is the distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West England and South Wales. We provide a safe, stable and reliable electricity supply to nearly 8 million customers and we are committed to creating a smarter, more efficient energy system for customers, and to support a sustainable energy future.

As the UK’s largest distribution network by area, we are play a crucial role in the electrification of transport facilitating the connection of EV charging infrastructure. We are investing into our network to get it ready for an additional 1.5 million EVs across the network by 2028. 

We’re continually pushing forward with a range of innovation projects to support the mass adoption of EVs. National Grid we are involved in a number of ground-breaking projects to support the mass adoption of electric vehicles, placing it at the forefront of the country’s green transport revolution. 
However, our commitment towards transport decarbonisation goes beyond ensuring EV capacity. We are dedicated to helping facilitate the electrification of other forms of transport such as freight, maritime and aerospace