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PoGo Charge


Checkpoint Host: Day 2 sees us hit the NE of England and ‘G’ in our alphabet-journey sees us hit the ‘Galleries Retail Park – with PoGo Charge’, where team will get to experience ultra-rapid charging!

PoGo Charge is a UK-wide EV charging network offering ultra-rapid, rapid and destination charging for electric vehicle drivers. Derived from the concept of enabling drivers to ‘Power Up. Go Adventure’, PoGo is being built to help accelerate the UK’s transition to sustainable transportation and play a role in reducing carbon emissions. PoGo charging locations offer multiple charging options, which are regularly serviced and maintained by an experienced team of EV-driving engineers and powered by 100% renewable energy. PoGo works with landlords to identify the right charging locations and then takes care of the installation, operation, and maintenance of its market leading charging technology. With PoGo, drivers can activate a charging session through a variety of payment methods including contactless, mobile app, webpay and RFID card, as well as roaming partners such as Octopus Electroverse, PAUA and Allstar. EV drivers will also have access to PoGo’s 24/7 award winning in-house customer support team who can be contacted by phone, email or social media support channels.