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The AA - Roadside assistance partner

AA - Roadside assistance partner

We’re thrilled to be the official Roadside Assistance Partner for the 2023 EV Rally, where we’ll be travelling alongside approximately 50 other electric vehicles for five days from Cardiff to Dublin via London, Edinburgh, and Belfast. The EV Rally always provides a unique opportunity for the AA team to witness first-hand how the charging infrastructure is advancing across the UK and Ireland and gain valuable insights into the real-world, long-distance, electric vehicle driving experience.

The AA is committed to promoting EV driving, and we’re already integrating both electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles into our own fleet as part of our efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2035. In addition to EV breakdown assistance, we offer other innovative services to EV drivers including a charge point operator (CPO) support service and "Eco Driver" - an EV driver training programme developed by our colleagues at Drivetech. We're also excited to have Drivetech (part of the AA) on board once again as the official Driver Training Partner for the rally.

We recognise the importance of supporting EV drivers and it is always a privilege to participate in one of the most significant EV events of the summer. 

We can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey and share our progress across our social media channels. So be sure to follow @theAABusinessServices and @Drivetech on LinkedIn between 3 – 7 July and support our combined “Team AA”.